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“It seems like mini MBA in marketing. Although I am not product manager and I have no control on features of my products but still these articles are really good.”

It's a gold. Seems like a mini MBA degree <3

“If your newsletter had rating you would have 5/5 rating. Thanks for doing this 🙏🙏🙏”

“This newsletter explains the topic in every easy and convenient way”

“Super insightful with the real examples which have been added throughout the post :)”

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“Key insight into building products and companies”

What have people been asking me about growth?

Should I learn about Growth if I want to move to product management?

I built a great product, but how do I promote and get customers?

How do I create product growth projections, month-on-month?

What should a product manager learn about growth? How does it help?

How can I grow my product without spending large money on paid marketing?

Sounds familiar? 🤔

I hope that Growth Catalyst Newsletter is the solution 🎯

What to expect from this newsletter:

I write articles about product management and growth. Past writing

  1. Measuring Product-Market Fit

  2. Leading Cause of Startup Failures

  3. Understanding Positioning - Through a Practical Lens

  4. Myths of Product-Market Fit

  5. How to Get to Product-Market Fit

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I also run a Youtube Channel where I post videos around product, growth, and career.

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