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“It seems like mini MBA in marketing. Although I am not product manager and I have no control on features of my products but still these articles are really good.”

It's a gold. Seems like a mini MBA degree <3

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What people have been asking me about growth?

Should I learn about Growth if I want to move to product management?

I built a great product, but how do I promote and get customers?

How do I create product growth projections, month-on-month?

What should a product manager learn about growth? How does it help?

How can I grow my product without spending large money on paid marketing?

Sounds familiar? 🤔

My hope is that Growth Catalyst Newsletter is the solve 🎯

What to expect from this newsletter:

I write weekly articles about product management and growth. Past writing

  1. Measuring Product-Market Fit

  2. Leading Cause of Startup Failures

  3. Understanding Positioning - Through a Practical Lens

  4. Myths of Product-Market Fit

  5. How to Get to Product-Market Fit

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About Growth Catalyst series

‘Growth Catalyst’ series is a set of essays around 9 topics related to growth. Here are the topics of this series by month:


  1. Product-Market Fit: Solving the leading cause of product failures - May’20

  2. Positioning: The key ingredient to GTM - Jun’20

  3. GTM: Making initial launch of the product successful - Jul’20


  1. Growth Analytics: The art of defining success and failure of a product, north metric - Aug’20

  2. Growth accounting, models and loops: Quantitative models to forecast growth - Sept’20

  3. Onboarding and Retention: How to measure and move the key metric of growth - Oct-Nov’20


  1. Research and Experimentation: How to generate ideas and improve the metrics - Dec’20

  2. User Psychology and Gamification: How applying game mechanics can put you to advantage - Jan-Feb’21

  3. Mental models for Growth: Best models from various disciplines. Disciplines include behavioral psychology, finance, computer science, biology, etc. - Mar-Apr’21

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I also run a Youtube Channel where I build videos around product, growth, and career.

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Oh, I almost forgot, a few things about me:

Per my value system, education should never be paywalled significantly. Currently working as a group product manager at Flipkart.com, India’s leading e-commerce company. In the past, I have led product and growth teams at MX Player, upGrad.com, and Housing.com.

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