All Things Product-Market Fit : Online Session

Issue 6

Hello, and welcome to part 5 of product-market fit. This is the wrap up post on the topic and from the next week, we will next move on to 🔥 Positioning and Go to Market strategy for the product.

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We concluded PM/F through the live session as promised at the beginning of the series. We had the live session last Sunday, May 31st. With this, the Episode 1 of ‘Growth Catalyst’ is out 🙌

The session started with a quick introduction of the topic, followed by 3 case studies and ends with QnA. Each of the case study cover one important lesson around product-market fit. As advised by many readers, I tried to keep the case studies relevant to India market. Hope you like it!

Fun fact - 90% of the folks who attended this stayed till the end of the session. Why I am sharing this? Maybe this adds some motivation for the lazy ones to go check it out 😉

A major feedback in last couple of weeks has been to take questions from readers and answer them. I will be doing that going forward. Please send me your questions here). and I will offer real, actionable advice to these questions through vlogs on my Youtube Channel.

Here is the recording of the session.

For those who want to go through it quickly, here is the powerpoint for the session

Click to see the powerpoint

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