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Absolutely loved the post. Wanted to share a piece of my thoughts on internet businesses and strategies 1. Aspiring business leaders would invest more to adopt ESG principles and gain competitive advantage among prospective investors. The example of Tesla moving away from Bitcoin might have other motives too, but to the naked eye, it surely looks like a championing of sustainability principles. More and more companies are also championing the rights of LGBTQ communities and the recent adoption of Pride Month awareness speaks volumes about it. 2. Internet businesses, especially tech ones, need to have the ability to learn quickly from competitors with similar offerings. A very good example is the quick adoption of SaaS offerings based on subscription model by Microsoft, seeing it's phenomenal rise among the likes of Salesforce. Also, the ramping up of offerings in the cloud computing domain by Microsoft and Azure can be somewhat attributed to them realising the power of cloud, seeing the rise of AWS.

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