Introduction to Careers in Product Management

Issue 1

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Last Sunday, I conducted an online session on ‘Introduction to Careers in Product Management’. This session was not a part of GC as a couple of my friends reached out to me for this. And I thought why not? Glad I did it :)

We got around 200+ registrations, with 110 people joining and 100 people attending the whole live session. What started as a Money Heist reference, ended up giving me more confidence to start and carry out sessions for Growth Catalyst :)

Sharing the recording for the session.

Please don’t mind the drawing, some eager participant drew it at the beginning of the session.

For those who want to go through it quickly, here is the powerpoint (updated) for the session

Click to see Powerpoint

Hoping you are excited about Growth Catalyst live sessions and Newsletter, starting from next week.

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